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Good news for FarmVille fans. Zynga Games the creator of Farmville, the most popular Social Games at Facebook are offering Free FarmVille Dollar $1 as April Gift. Getting Farmville dollars is quite hard on the game. So, enjoy the virtual dollar.

farmvillelogo How to get bonus $1 into your FarmVille Gift BOx


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Enjoy your chatting with friends in other countries using different languages by Skype Google Translator. The different language sometimes could be a big barrier for some people and they need dictionary or translator tools to solve the problem. Skype Google Translator will be helped you to easier the communication. It was offered the translation for more than 20 languages for Skype user only.

SkypeGoogleTranslator thumb Chat in any language with Google Translator Plug in For Skype
You can download this translation and add on your Skype application. If you used this software, you just write your message on your language and the message will be display in your friend chat in two languages. One is your original language and the other is your language that you were selection before.

Skype Google Translator can bridge your communication with your friends chat in all over the world without constrained the language. Download here